Welcome to the UCL LGBTQ+ STEM Festival 2021

As part of LGBTQ+ History Month, we are running a series of free online events over zoom, to connect and celebrate diversity in STEM.

** Event details and accessibility**

To protect people who may not be out, all participant lists for all our events will be hidden. For social events, you can remain anonymous by changing your username to something that isn’t your real name.

We have asked our speakers to provide presentations in colour pallets accessible for visual impairments.

We can provide transcripts of some events upon request.

Please contact the organisers alexandra.hopkins.14@ucl.ac.uk or an.low.16@ucl.ac.uk if you have other accessibility needs.

Wednesday 24th February, 5:00pm GMT

Queer STEM Initiatives with EDIS, ALBA and PRIDE in STEM

Join us and our guest speakers from organisations EDIS, ALBA and Pride in STEM, as they talk about initiatives they have run.

Friday 26th February, 5:00pm GMT

Gather Town Social

Join the LGBTQ+ STEM @ UCL Network for a virtual social on Gather Town!

GatherTown is a new virtual social environment where LGBTQ+ STEM people will have the opportunity to get to know others. You can choose your own avatar and freely move around a room. Once you get close to other avatars, your cameras will turn on and you will be able to meet. It’s a great way to make groups more dynamic and be selective on who you talk to and for long. Just like in real life, but surrounded by amazing LGBTQ+ members all around!

Wednesday 3rd March, 1:00pm

Lunchtime Workshop: Coming out at work

A quick lunchtime workshop to discuss practical issues around coming out at work.

Tuesday 9th March 7:30pm

Science is a Drag Social

A live stream show featuring drag, cabaret and the queer side of STEM! This streamed event will bring you ten acts who will explain a scientific concept through a unique performance for one night only.

We will meet half an hour before the show starts for an online social and then watch the show. Please also get a free ticket for the Drag Event!

Tuesday 16th March 5:00pm

Trans in STEM: panel discussion

Community led panel celebrating Trans people in STEM and discussing barriers and ways to move forwards.

Tuesday 23th March 5:00pm

QTIPOC STEM panel discussion

Community led panel celebrating QTIPOC in STEM and discussing barriers and ways to move forwards.

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